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Your New Car

Dream or Necessity


Our Services

Your consultancy for all vehicle needs and wishes -

uniquely experienced, unbiased, German.


Your new car

Dream or necessity

  • All-inclusive vehicle acquisition service

  • Covering every step from needs assessment and finding the right vehicle through financial considerations to the moment of the delivery of your new vehicle

  • One touchpoint service 
    (no need to visit a dealership)

  • Personalized to your needs and demands
    (including touchless/home/office)

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Your current car

Finding a new aficionado

Whether you are replacing your current vehicle with a new one or just want to find a new owner for your current car, there are different possibilities for us to support:

  • Consignment sale

  • Outright sale

  • Trade-In

    • with new vehicle dealership​

    • with Rennster

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Customization Rennwerkstatt.JPG


Adding your personal touch

From the smallest detail to a full vehicle customization, there are limitless possibilities that we can make happen for our clients -
either through the vehicle manufacturer's program, our vendors or our own Rennwerkstatt brand:

  • Paint-to-Sample / Custom Colors

  • Leather-to-Sample / Custom Interiors
  • Wheels / Suspension
  • and more...
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Keeping the Grace

Taking care of your car is a crucial responsibility to keep the value up.

Together with our partners we offer:

  • Clear Wrap for Paint-Protection (different scopes)

  • Windshield wrap
  • Window tinting
  • Ceramic coating
  • Detailing
  • and more...
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20+ years of Porsche Experience

Having worked with more than 1,000 clients over the last 20 years, one thing hasn't changed - expertise is the most important 'tool' to provide outstanding service.

If then personalities happen to align, the sales experience often turns into fun rather than just a transaction and becomes the start of a long-lasting relationship.

My expertise is based on my unique experience in Sales, Personal Design and Service across all distribution levels (manufacturer, distributor, dealer, vendor) in the automotive industry for over 20 years.

This allows me to provide excellent guidance to clients in regards to all of their automotive questions.

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Sales Consultancy

During my times as 'Director VIP Sales' for Beverly Hills Porsche (2016-2021) I already acted as what now is a major part of Rennster, the single point of contact.

From the first greeting until the delivery of the vehicle I was the main (and most cases only) liaison for my clients covering all aspects of the acquisition process including:

  • Needs/likes assessment

  • Model/colors/option explanation

  • Definition of 'ideal' vehicle

  • Finding vehicle or production slot

  • Lease/finance/purchase options

  • Additional services/offers

  • Paperwork

  • Delivery

  • Aftersales

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Personal Design

Since the 1950s clients were greeted at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart to experience first hand advise in configuring their vehicles with specially trained employees.

As Manager of this 'Porsche Exclusive - Customer Consultation' team in Stuttgart (2008-2011) I sharpened my product knowledge, contributed to different projects like the 911 Sport Classic and worked on ways to make the factory approach accessible to more clients.

The concept to introduce factory-trained consultants to meet one-on-one with clients to the US was piloted starting 2009 and successfully implemented (2011-2014) first with the Personal Design Studio in Beverly Hills and later at the Porsche Experience Centers in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

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European Delivery

Managing the European Delivery Center in Stuttgart was also part of my assignment at Porsche AG (2008-2011).

Up to 3,500 deliveries per year were handled by the team, about 200 per year for US clients.

Seeing the need for more flexibility in the choice of location, we initiated the 'Cross Delivery' project for clients to choose their delivery location between Stuttgart and Leipzig.

During my time working for Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) the European Delivery Program was still one of my focus points and to this day I still believe that picking up a vehicle at the 'birth place' is the best marketing tool and hence I still send lots of clients to Germany every year.

Services beyond the Porsche offerings are available through Rennster (e.g. hotel bookings, travel routes, Nuerburgring drives).

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Wedding Van

Jose G.

Sascha turned me into a Porsche aficionado - from the first design session, taking European Delivery in Stuttgart to additional customization through Rennwerkstatt - PRIMO!


Steve N.

Couldn't have had a nicer experience buying my first Porsche. In multiple meetings we discussed colors and options with the result of a very special 911. Delivery in Germany was the icing on the cake...

Race Car Assembly

Chris F.

I have been a Porsche owner for 30+ years, but have never met anyone more passionate and knowledgeable about the brand than Sascha. Hands-down the best car buying experience ever!


There are numerous stories to tell - here's an extract of interesting vehicles that we have worked on.

All are unique in their appearance. Some stand out due to the color combination, some due to their unique options. All are carry their owner's handwriting in some shape or form.


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