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Your consultancy for all vehicle needs and wishes -

uniquely experienced, unbiased, German.

Your new car

Dream or necessity

If your motivation is to fulfill a dream or you are just in need of a car, with our all-inclusive vehicle acquisition service we are able to cover every step from needs assessment and finding the right vehicle through financial considerations to the moment of the delivery of your vehicle. Our service is tailored to your needs and demands, so the communication and transactions can happen remotely or at your location of choice (e.g. your home or office). Should you wish to proceed the classical route and visit a dealership, this can also be arranged. However, most clients prefer our one-touchpoint service without interaction with other people.

These are the three main steps:

  1. Defining the vehicle

    1. Assessment of vehicle wishes/needs

    2. Vehicle configuration session

    3. Locating vehicle or build slot

  2. Negotiation and paperwork

    1. Negotiating financials

    2. Assisting in contract paperwork

  3. Delivery of vehicle

    1. Handover of vehicle

    2. Additional services

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Defining the Vehicle

The fun part


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Financials and Paperwork

The necessities


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Vehicle Delivery



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